4 corners realty llc is solely owned and managed by Eric Porco. Eric started his career in real estate as a young child growing up on west 75th street when he was commissioned to "take out the cans" for garbage collection. Eric's grandparents were property owners in the neighborhood and it was him and his older brother who would help out grandpa. Growing up in NYC not only exposed Eric to many of life's dynamics but allowed him to see and understand them from various perspectives. Hospitality has been his foremost characteristic.

After attending Ohio Wesleyan University and earning a B.A in Sociology it didn't take him long to decide to continue on in the family business. He obtained his sales license and worked for one of the larger brokerage firms where he gained much needed experience and credits them for their guidance and direction. From there he has used his existing relationships with landlords, owners and family to increase his productivity.

A few years later he decided to separate himself from the rest by going off on his own to spawn 4 Corners Realty LLC. This way he could concentrate on managing the family portfolio and work as a broker at the same time. 90% of Eric's rental listings are managed by him so not only does he build a long lasting relationship with each client, he also makes that infamous broker fee go a long way further than normal.

Eric is also active in the sales market. His first sale was a Chelsea condo for $3.3m. From there he took things to another level when he was hired to sell 2 brownstone buildings in the neighborhood. But regardless of the monetary outcome Eric treats every client with the same amount of dignity and respect. He takes it one client at a time so as to adapt to each client's needs accordingly.